IndraCare Outreach Free

Laboratory Results Outreach

Web enable your laboratory for free with IndraCare Outeach. IndraCare links multiple EMRs, reference laboratories and hospital systems with result delivery, phlebotomy services and online ordering.

IndraCare Outreach Free includes an HL7 interface with your LIS without any cost or investment in hardware, software or contracts. Simply send your results in HL7 format to IndraCare and let your clients access results, reports and alerts online. IndraCare can accept and combine results from multiple lab systems and create single patient result repository.

Improve client satisfaction by providing 24 hours access to patient results without any commitment or license fees.

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Here is what IndraCare Outreach can do for you…

Clinical / Pathology Laboratory

We need to deliver laboratory results to doctors over the web

Simply send results from your LIS in HL7 format and IndraCare will do the rest. IndraCare will accept laboratory results from multiple laboratories and deliver to doctors offices in a comprehensive report. IndraCare will let doctors review their new reports from anywhere at any time on a single page and archive them after review.

IndraCare will keep all results online so doctors can access patient history anytime using any browser or iPhone/iPad.

How can it be free when others charge thousands of dollars?

Indralok products are 100% based on cloud computing. This is our way to introduce laboratories to the new world in online computing. Most of us users of free services online for emails (Hotmail or Gmail), search engines (Google), photo sharing or video sharing (YouTube). Even international calls are free using various services like Skype and we stay in tough with our friends and family on Facebook.

IndraCare uses the same cloud computing platform. Indralok believes that this new era coupled with real time location and and believes in the new world of cloud computing will change healthcare information systems as it has already has changed the social media.

(Facebook, Hotmail, Google and YouTube are trademarks of respective companies)

How long does it take to get my laboratory online?

IndraCare Cloud service is always ready. There is no software to install or hardware to order. As soon as you can send your laboratory results to IndraCare and map the test dictornary, your reports are ready for your doctors online!

No contracts to sign, no checks to write, no hardware to but and no software to install.

Can I send reports by Fax or Auto-Print to doctors office?

Yes, the reports can be emailed or auto-printed for free. Reports can also be faxed for a small per page cost.

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