IndraCare Phlebotomy

Integrated Phlebotomy Services

Integrated phlebotomy services with electronic interfaces to EMRs and reference laboratory. IndraCare Phlebotomy improves phlebotomy workflow for outreach as well as home healthcare agencies with map based auto-assignment and optimized routing to reduce cost.

IndraCare phlebotomy services gives you remote access to staff in the field whether they are drivers picking up specimen coolers or phlebotomists drawing specimen.

Order status can be updated quickly and easily by phlebotomists by simply sending a text message.

Improve client satisfaction by providing real time status updates on each draw order as well as 24 hours access to patient results.

Never miss a repeat draw order. Easily turn any order in to a recurring order and let IndraCare manage the future schedule.

End the hassle of assigning routes with map based auto-assignment of phlebotomists
Map view of the route and assignment based on patient’s locations
Bar-coded draw lists and specimen labels can be printed from anywhere
Automatic calculation of driving distance and drive time estimates
Electronic order routing to multiple laboratories
Track drivers and cars on map in real time
Automatic report delivery by fax, auto-print and web
Accessible by any standard browser on PC, Mac or smart phones
Integrated with SpecTrack to provide fail proof real time specimen tracking
Integrated with TempIndra to track specimen temperature monitoring, refrigerator/freezer temperature monitoring
Real time alerts of critical results by fax, emails or SMS
Workload and management reports

Here is what IndraCare Phlebotomy can do for you…

Clinical Laboratory

We need to improve our workflow and go paperless.

IndraCare Phlebotomy can give you a paperless workflow.  Order entry can be fully automated with online order entry or HL7 interface from EMRs.  Phlebotomist routes are assigned online with visual geographic map.  Phlebotomists do not have to come to the office to pickup their draw-list.  They can either print it from home or the system can fax or email it automatically.

Orders are electronically transmitted to laboratories and results are received.  Reports are available to your staff or your clients as soon as they are released from the laboratory.

IndraCare keep all results online so doctors can access patient history anytime using any browser or smart phone.

Can we interface with all my client’s EMRs?

Yes. IndraCare will interface with multiple EMRs to accept orders and deliver results using standard HL7 format. Custom interfaces are also possible.

Can you interface to my reference laboratory?

IndraCare will interface with multiple reference laboratories. You can generate send-out manifests as well as track the shipment to its destination. If you are sending high-value specimen, SpecTrack can track individual biospecimen as well as the container for positive proof of delivery.

How long does it take to get my company online?

IndraCare Cloud service is always ready. There is no software to install or hardware to order. You can start using IndraCare services immediately.

Can I send reports by Fax or Auto-Print to doctors office?

Yes, the reports can be emailed or auto-printed for free. Reports can also be faxed for a small per page cost.

Can my clients download reports?

IndraCare allows reports to be downloaded, printed or faxed.

Multiple locations

We service clients in multiple states as well as internationally.

With IndraCare, there is no geographic limit. IndraCare can accept orders from clients from anywhere in the world. IndraCare will print bar coded labels (with optional RFID tag) at the client location. Specimen shipments are tracked and a report of receipt of specimen in the lab can be automatically sent to the client. Reports are delivered to client’s account and can be setup to be auto-printed on their office printer as soon as the report is released.IndraCare can also deliver results in HL7 format in real time.

IndraCare solutions enable you to manage your workload and expand your service area.

Can Interface with all my client’s EMRs?

Yes. IndraCare will interface with multiple EMRs to accept orders and deliver results.

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