Indralok’s unique architecture is designed with an enterprise wide view.  Its scalability allows for unlocking efficiencies, insights and operational improvements within every department of the hospital, or across the hospital as a whole.  Real time location awareness and our software make it possible.   Automatically detect patient care milestones without data entry and send critical alerts to care givers anywhere in real time, securely.
Indralok goes beyond the basic benefits of time saved and costs cut to unlock previously unachievable workflows, processes and methodologies.  Transform what your organization is capable of achieving.  Indralok’s delivery through IndraCare Cloud Services is unique in the industry, allowing users to access information anywhere, at anytime.  No hardware required, no software to buy, just log in and use.



Never lose another specimen with GPS enabled outdoor and indoor real time tracking

Never have a spoiled specimen or a blood bag due to temperature exposure

Real time monitoring of location and temperature of each biospecimen, coolers and storage units

Stop wasting time hunting for specimen in the lab

Real time alerts for missing specimen and temperature exceptions

Receive specimen in the lab without opening coolers

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Outreach Free

Web Enable your laboratory by allowing real time access to patient results

Absolutely Free !

Easy access for doctors to review patient results

Online catalog of services

Current as well as historic results

No hardware or software to buy

Integration with other IndraCare solutions

EMR interfaces and Online Ordering available*

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Outreach Pro

All features of Outreach Free

Online Order Entry (CPOE)

Eliminate Specimen Labeling errors

Requisition with barcoded specimen labels

Insurance Eligibility Waiver (ABN)

Cumulative results and reports

Critical results notification by email , fax or SMS

Integrated with all other IndraCare solutions like Phlebotomy Services and SpecTrack

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Phlebotomy Services

Complete automation of home healthcare agencies and phlebotomy service companies

 Improve client satisfaction with Online order entry and online status reporting

Deliver lab reports online, by fax or auto-print

Reduce staff workload with automatic faxing reports and order acknowledgments

reduce driving distance with map based route assignment and route optimization

Eliminate specimen labeling errors or missed draws

Eliminate phlebotomist call in to update status of each draw from field

Receive orders electronically from EMR’s

Send orders electronically to multiple laboratories

Workload and management reports

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Bio-Medical department automation

Real time asset tracking

Reduce nurse workload with real time temperature tracking of rooms, refrigerators and cryofreezers

Reduce equipment rental costs

Improve bed turnaround times

Detect wandering patients

 Improve regulatory compliance with automatic auditing

Get started with RFID tracking without big upfront hardware cost or implementation

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