SpecTrack™ Bio-Specimen

Specimen Tracking

SpecTrack™ Specimen Tracking tracks time, location and temperature of bio-specimens throughout their life-cycle. Never lose a specimen, histology block or a patient slide. SpecTrack provides complete coverage of each specimen, block and slide in the laboratory and across multiple facilities.

Here is what SpecTrack can do for you…

Clinical / Pathology Laboratory

We need to reduce specimen labeling errors

SpecTrack can generate bar-coded labels with RFID tags at the point of collection. From that point on, the specimen are continuously tracked for loss or delay. Lab staff are alerted if a specimen is missing along the way or when the container arrives in the laboratory.

How can we prevent biospecimen spoilage due to improper storage temperature during transport or storage.

SpecTrack tracks the temperature of biospecimen coolers (room temperature, refrigerated or frozen) from the point of pickup to the delivery to the laboratory. Alerts are sent in real time to the driver and lab staff if specimen reach undesirable temperature. System tracks location and temperature of coolers in real time throughout its journey by car or airplane. For high value specimen like biopsy specimen, the system can even track individual specimen.

We need to improve client satisfaction by eliminating biopsy specimen loss or delays

SpecTrack tracks individual histology or other high value specimen from the point of collection to delivery at the laboratory. It tracks which cooler it was stored in, and automatically checks the inventory during the route. It will even alert you in real time if the specimen was put in wrong cooler.  Alerts are sent in real time to the driver and lab staff if specimen reach undesirable temperatures. SpecTrack automatically tracks the location and temperature of specimen coolers in real time though its journey by car or airplane. For high value specimen such as  biopsy specimen, the system can even track individual specimen.

Reduce labor in specimen receiving, automatically receive specimen in the lab without even opening the cooler

SpecTrack can automatically take the inventory of content of each biospecimen in each cooler when it arrives in the laboratory.  Missing specimen are immediately detected and alerts are sent out to lab staff automatically without requiring them to handle each specimen individually.

Stop wasting time looking for misplaced specimen.

SpecTrack can automatically take the inventory of content of each refrigerator and shelves. It can also track specimen disposal, so your staff is not wasting hours looking for nonexistent specimens. SpeckTrack can automatically record location of each specimen track and the location of each tray in an unlimited number of refrigerator/freezers.

Now you do not have to worry about having to keep all specimen in a specific sequence or in specific trays. Let SpecTrack tell you where to find the specimen.

Comply with CAP Guidelines for Cold Ischemic and Fixation times.

SpecTrack automatically audits location and time of biospecimens from the point of collection to the grossing station without any additional steps. It generates Ischemic time audits as well as fixation time reports for every specimen without requiring manual record keeping or calculation. Coupled with alerting, the system ensures that no specimen are delayed or lost during transport.

Track biopsy cassettes. blocks, slides and folders.

SpecTrack can track each block/cage and slide and slide folder in the laboratory. It provides inventory of at the click of a mouse, as well as tracking each slide for every patient in the laboratory. SpecTrack can locate a misplaced block, slide or even automatically take the inventory of each refrigerator and every shelf. It can also track specimen disposal, so you know when the specimen is disposed of.  SpeckTrack can automatically record the location of each slide and each slide folder.

Track inventory of expensive reagents and supplies.

SpecTrack tracks the inventory of reagents and supplies in the storage. It also ensures that the reagents are stored at proper temperature as well as date, time and who removed it from storage. It can also reconcile the usage of each reagents with number of tests performed. Alerts can also be sent when certain items are removed from storage without authorization.

Ensure that the send-out specimens are received with positive proof.

SpecTrack can track your send-out orders and specimen from your facility, and track delivery to it’s destination. SpecTrack does all this with just a PC and simple secure internet access. If you can browse the web, you can track your specimens.

Blood Bank

Ensure that all blood bags are stored at the proper temperature during transport.

SpecTrack tracks the temperature of blood bag coolers from the point of pickup to delivery. Alerts are sent in real time to the blood bank staff if the cooler temperature goes out of the specified range.

Automatically create a lifetime temperature history of each blood bag

When coupled with location tracking, SpecTrack tracks individual blood bags as they are moved from storage to cooler to operating room.  SpecTrack can also create an audited temperature record for each refrigerator, cooler and freezer. Never again be in doubt about the efficacy of a blood bag due to missing temperature history.

Reduce spoilage in blood bank

With SpecTrack you will always have a real time recording of the temperature of each cooler. You will never again be in doubt about the efficacy of the blood when it is returned to you. SpecTrack will send you alerts in real time if a blood cooler exceed its allowable temperature range. Each cooler is tracked and monitored every 15 seconds so you can take action immediately if there is a problem in the hospital or during transport.

Multi-Facility Healthcare Organizations

How can I track shipment between different facilities?

SpecTrack can easily track shipments between any location as well as the content of each container/cooler. All without adding any burden to your IT department. SpecTrack can be deployed anywhere without even requiring a network cable. Have peace of mind that your valuable items are tracked and delivered with positive proof of arrival.

Whether you are looking to track lab specimens,organ tissues  or high-value medical equipment, SpecTrack can track it.

We need to reduce cost of surgical kit rental

SpecTrack can track each surgical kit when it arrives in the hospital, when it arrives back from operating room and notifies the rental agency to pick it up. Get control over the rental cost dues to delayed notification or pickups.



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