IndraCare Cloud Services_test

No hardware.

No software.

No headache.

  • Focus on running business of taking care of patients, not running an IT datacenter.
  • IndraCare Cloud services frees you from the headaches of running a data center.
  • No need to buy new hardware or replace failed servers or replace servers when you run out of capacity. IndraCare Cloud services provide ever expanding elastic capacity.
  • No need to worry about software license contracts or support agreements.
  • No need expensive IT consultants or Database administrators.
  • IndraCare is accessible from anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • IndraCare puts everything in one place. It is as easy to use as your favorite consumer website.
  • Connect multiple locations without expensive and hard to setup VPNs
  • Setup HL7 data exchange without months of headaches



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No hardware. No software. No headache.