Laboratory Information System


Designed specifically for modern cloud computing

Indracare is a versatile, leading-edge technology based, Laboratory Information System designed to streamline, simplify and support the mission critical activities of today’s sophisticated IDN, hospital and reference laboratories.

By utilizing the advances of the last decade in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and location tracking among others, Indracare offers your laboratory an extremely stable, reliable and cost effective system.

Indracare offers a single integrated platform that streamlines the entire life cycle of a laboratory order whether from traditional lab orders (manual or HL7 integration), kit draws or direct-to-consumer testing.

Featuring smartphone based mobile workforce management, patient engagement as well as home based health monitoring/testing integration, Indracare’s platform meets the next generation of healthcare needs.


Indracare supports following departments:

General Chemistry

Special Chemistry





Patient Centric

Patient empowerment is central to our philosophy. Patient access is not an add-on module but an integral part of our design.



Indracare meets the expectation of today’s providers and patients for access to reports at any time on any device.

Highly Customizable

With the click of mouse you can visually customize screens to fit your laboratory’s specific needs – without the need for any programming. Powerful form designer architecture gives you the ability to drag and drop data fields anywhere on the screen and create additional custom fields unique to your workflow.
New tests and panels can be added dynamically and screens are updated automatically.

Reports can be created and automatically scheduled.

Regulatory Compliance

CLIA and HIPAA compliance with full change audit at the database level. Every report sent is also audited and archived. Document management enables a paperless operation to make compliance audit a breeze.